Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher)

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Duration: 1 full Day

Target Audience: 
Personal Licence Holders must complete refresher training 5 years after the date that your Personal Licence was issued.

In addition, you must retake your Personal Licence Holder training 5 years after that.

Assessment Method: 
The exam consists of a multiple choice question paper with 40 questions, with pass mark of 28 being answered correctly to pass.

Key Issues: 
It covers all aspects of the law and social responsibilities in relation to the sale of alcohol to the public.

How do I apply to take this course?
To take this course, fill out the course enquiry form to the left and we will get in touch.
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What happens after I pass my exam?: 
After passing the Personal Licence exam and receiving your recognized certification, you will then need to make an application to your local council in order to obtain your Personal Licence.